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Pictured above is my studio in Winsford on Exmoor which I have used since 1985. It is an old Wesleyan Chapel which was built of cobb in the late 18th Century. Inside, the light streams through the gothic style windows lighting up the ochre walls which are washed with colour. Afree-hand leaf and branch design flows along the tops and bottoms of the walls. It is situated over a bridge crossing the ford in the centre of this picturesque village.

I have welcomed many people and their pets, from all walks of life, into my studio over the years and I have sketched many of their portraits as they have sat in my special old carver chair, relating their life stories and relaxing with the sound of the river Winn to temper their ears.

Winsford is an ideal base for me to have a studio as it is in the midst of spectacular countryside which I've known for most of my life where there are many animals both domesticated and wild for me to draw upon. The landscape itself is both wild and tame with its valleys, wildernesses, waterfalls and open moorland. Where the wild red deer , and wild ponies roam freely and in the spacious sky the buzzards soar and glide and make their haunting miewing sound.