Brown Lab
Point to Point Life study of dog
Horses - Mother and Son Golden Retriever
Eye detail of  brown lab Sammy Poppet

Anna Fraser B.A.(Hons) Fine Art

I like to depict animals capture their spirit, the inner soul. I have been so fortunate I feel to be asked by many people to draw their pets, and now because I've been at it so long people return again and again with another pet and they are so pleased that they have a lasting reminder of all their dear departed friends as well as the ones that are still alive.

I have drawn many rescue dogs as well as pedigrees. I have drawn dogs with disabilities and indeed dogs that assist the disabled. I have sketched at zoos and farms and from the back of my horse. I have sketched intuitively animals while they are moving, following them about moving while they move. I work from life and photograph. I have drawn wild cats and domestic cats.

Recently on the film set of Uncle Silas where I myself and fellow extras were sporting Edwardian Apparel I deigned to use the end of my antique parasol to draw a horse in the sand and was rightly castigated by the costume department for this misdemeanour.