Pink fireboard
Sitting dog Chicken silent companion
Duck bedboard Hound silent companion
Butterfly detail of pink fireboard Fireplace with fireboard Fox silent companion

Anna Fraser B.A.(Hons) Fine Art

Decorative Floral Firescreens-

"A crescendo of colour a juxtaposition of interesting shapes and fluent brush work -- This is the inimitable and often intuitive style of a decorative firescreen by the Artist Anna Fraser". It is always a problem to know how to brighten up the 'Black Hole' in your hearth during the Summer months; so often the fireplace forms the centre piece of your room;

What could be better than to place in your fireplace an original work of art designed to your specific requirements which will bring delight to you and your friends and create a talking point.

Silent Companions-

These are fun as they are exactly what they say. You may commission a cut-out of a person or animal, humorous or straight, to place somewhere, like having a real live companion. I once sold a cut-out cat to the friend of an old lady who lived in a block of flats where animals were not allowed; this cat was really living up to its name and did not cost anything to keep; All screens, be they floral or silent companions, are painted on 9mm thick board and skilfully cut out. They are all free-standing with a foldable hinged stand at the back which allows for easy carriage.